Xbox Series X/S Expansion Cards May Come In 500 GB Variants – Rumor

French website Xbox Squad has recently reported that Microsoft might be planning to release a new 500 GB variant of its Seagate expansion cards soon. According to the report’s sources, Microsoft is planning to release it for a price of 125.71 pounds.

Adding up for taxes, reports suggest that Microsoft may be targeting for a price in the range of 149 to 169 pounds. Shortly after Xbox Squad posted the report, an internal listing for the same was tipped off to the website by a source. Xbox Squad claims that Microsoft will launch the new SSD on November 14.

Of course, it goes without saying – take all rumors with a healthy grain of salt. However, given that Sony’s SSD options are inarguably more flexible albeit not as consumer-friendly to install, Microsoft’s plans of offering more options for expansions isn’t far-fetched. More information on the matter would be dropping sooner ratehr than later, so stay tuned for more details.

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