Street Fighter 6 – Ken’s Render and Cammy’s Super Combo Have Leaked

At long last, Capcom has officially unveiled Street Fighter 6, and even though the Japanese company has revealed quite a few details on the game in the last few days through official channels, even more is filtering through courtesy of leaks. Recently, for instance, a massive leak detailed what the game’s roster of fighters will be, and now, smaller tidbits on a couple of its fighters have also emerged.

For starters, a user on Reddit has shared an image of what series mainstay Ken will look like in Street Fighter 6. His character model is looking slightly different, while the source that leaked the image has also shared alleged story details on his character. Apparently, Ken’s obsession with following in Ryu’s footsteps drove his family away from him, and in this game, he’s going to be more of a “shell of his former self” trope.

Meanwhile, the super combo for Cammy, another Street Fighter fan-favourite, has also leaked. @ArcadePress has shared the clip over on Twitter, and though the quality is decidedly lacking – it’s an off-screen recording and, as such, far from the clearest video you’ll see – it does look like an appropriately punchy, weighty move that fans will surely appreciate.

If you’re looking to stay away from leaks, as mentioned earlier, there’s still plenty of officially released information that you can pore over, from the new Drive system to in-game real-time commentary.

Street Fighter 6 is out in 2023 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Cammy, Street Fighter 6 Leak. Ultra.

— ARCADE PRESS ⛩ Media House (@ArcadePress) June 3, 2022

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