Steam Crosses 27 Million Concurrent Users

Steam is no stranger to breaking records. As the most popular PC gaming platform available, it’s recorded significant upticks in its concurrent user base (especially after the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated lockdowns and staying at home). It had over 26.9 million concurrent users in April 2021 and according to SteamDB on Twitter, it’s broken the record again, crossing over 27 million concurrent users.

The all-time peak concurrent total is presently 27,384,959 users, likely due to the recent Steam Autumn Sale. Thousands of games have been discounted and given it coincided with a US public holiday in Thanksgiving, it makes sense for a new record to be set (especially when taking existing conditions into account).

The Steam Autumn Sale is currently set to end on December 1st but the Winter Sale will be taking place next month. Given the longer holiday period – along with lucrative it usually is for games – Steam could break the concurrent user record yet again. Stay tuned for more details when that happens.

Steam once again beats its online concurrent users record with over 27 million users currently online.

Previous record was set in April at 26.9 million.

— SteamDB (@SteamDB) November 27, 2021

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