State of Decay 3 Developer Recruits Saints Row Technical Art Director

It’s been a while since State of Decay 3 was announced, and we haven’t really seen anything of the game or heard anything about it since that first CG reveal trailer. And though it might be a little while longer before that changes, we do have an interesting new update on the project’s development.

As spotted by @klobrille on Twitter, the LinkedIn profile of Mitri Van confirms that he’s joined Undead Labs, the developer of State of Decay 3. Van was previously at Volition, where he had been since 1999. During his long tenure at the company, the artist worked on a number of projects, most notably as a Technical Art Director on Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, and the upcoming Saints Row reboot. At Undead Labs, he has taken the position of Principal Technical Artist.

When State of Decay 3 was first announced, Microsoft and Undead Labs confirmed that the zombie survival game was in early pre-production at the time, which would suggest that there’s still a long way to go before the game is ready to be shown to the world, much less be released.

Even in the absence of official updates, however, we have had some interesting details coming through. Earlier this year, for instance, a job add suggested that the game was being built on Unreal Engine 5- read more on that through here.

The Technical Art Director at Volition (Saints Row 5) joins Undead Leads as a Principal Technical Artist.

The Xbox Game Studio has grown significantly since the release of State of Decay 2 to prepare for State of Decay 3, now at about 100 employees.

— Klobrille (@klobrille) November 27, 2021

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