Splitgate Will Have A Forge Mode Before Halo Infinite, 1047 Games Reveals

1047 Games took to Twitter to reveal to its fans that Splitgate would be receiving a Forge mode styled map editor before Halo Infinite. In a response to a tweet by KFC Gaming, Splitgate revealed this information which has fans excited for the future update.

Of course, its known that Halo Infinite wouldn’t feature campaign co-op and Forge mode on its December 8th launch. It will be added during the Season 2’s update, which will arrive 3 months after launch. 1047 Games still has plenty of time to create its map editor, which should prove to be a great addition to this ever-evolving arena shooter.

Splitgate has proven to be a massive success for developer 1047 Games. The success has been so unprecedented that the developers have continually been struggling with server capacities, all the while making claims and ambitious plans for the future of the game.

Splitgate will have forge mode before Halo Infinite.

(Sorry in advance Halo fans, we love you but we had to)

— Splitgate – Season 0 (@Splitgate) September 15, 2021

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