Sony Will Reveal New Gaming Headsets and Monitors Soon – Rumour

It looks like Sony might be gearing up to reveal and launch plenty of new hardware accessories on the gaming side of things. Known insider Tom Henderson recently claimed that the company was working on a “Pro” controller for the PS5 with additional bells and whistles, and now, in a new report published on Exputer, Henderson states that Sony is also preparing to unveil new gaming headsets and monitors next week.

All of this will apparently fall under a single new branding umbrella dubbed “INZONE”. The INZONE H3 headset will be the cheapest of the three new headsets, will be wired, and will come with 360 spatial audio. The INZONE H7 headset will be wireless and have better battery life. Finally, the INZONE H9 headset will be the most expensive of the lot and will also feature noise-cancelling sound.

Henderson also states that Sony is going to reveal two new gaming monitors with the INZONE branding as well, and that these will feature exclusive features for PlayStation, including auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode.

One of these will be a 4K and 144 Hz monitor (DisplayHDR600), with the other boasting 1080p and 240 Hz (DisplayHDR400), with both also featuring VRR (HDMI/G-Sync) support and low latency (1ms GtG). Both monitors are allegedly being described as being “perfect” for gaming on the PS5, with gaming assist features also included, such as the screens showing frame rate counters, game time, a viewfinder, black equalizer, refined brightness and contrast, and more.

Pricing for the hardware remains unknown, but according to Henderson, this new INZONE line will be unveiled next week. Whether this means Sony will bundle this reveal with a reveal for the aforementioned new controller and the previously-rumoured God of War Ragnarok release date announcement remains to be seen. Stay tuned for more updates.

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