PSVR2’s Wire Will be Replaceable – Rumour

The upcoming PSVR2 is clearly going to improve upon Sony’s current virtual reality headset in a number of ways, from its controllers to its technical specs. Another area where it seems to be making massive strides is ease of use. Unlike the original messy PSVR, the PSVR2 is going to have just a single wire connecting the headset to the PS5- and it seems that wire, too, will be replaceable.

PSVR Without Parole is a YouTube channel that has been at the forefront of various PSVR-related leaks, and has accurately leaked plenty of details on the headset in the past. In a recent video, they claimed that the sole wire of the PSVR2 will be replaceable, with the port on the headset being proprietary, and the port on the console being USB-C.

Of course, having USB-C ends on both ends of the wire would have been far more convenient, but having the option to swap the wire out is still nice to have, if it does end up being the case.

We’ve had a couple of other leaks on the PSVR2 in recent days as well, such as the first real picture of the headset emerging online. Meanwhile, recently, it was also confirmed that the PSVR2 – which is allegedly due out sometime in early 2023will use Tobii eye-tracking technology.

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