Pokemon Puzzle League is Coming to Nintendo Switch Online on July 15th

Nintendo has announced the next Nintendo 64 title coming to Nintendo Switch Online and its Pokemon Puzzle League. It will be available on July 15th for the West with Japan getting Custom Robo and Custom Robo V2 on the same day. Check out the trailers for both below.

First released in March 2000 for the console, Pokemon Puzzle League is, obviously, a puzzle title. Players must connect three or more of the same block types to clear them. Successive chains of clears result in garbage blocks on your opponent’s side. There are 15 Pokemon Trainers to take on with modes like Main Stadium, Marathon Field, Puzzle University, Time Zone and the Spa.

One can play against the AI or friends and opt for 2D or 3D modes. Collect all of the Badges, take on the Puzzle Master and dominate the rest of the world. Pokemon Puzzle League will be available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, which costs $50 for a one-year subscription. Stay tuned for more details on other additions to the library in the coming months.

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