One Hand Clapping, a unique game that makes you solve puzzles by singing and humming, is launching next month on Android and iOS

One Hand Clapping, a rather unique puzzler, has finally received its ultimate launch date. Initially slated to release mid last year, the game has been slightly delayed but now it is coming out next month on December 14th. It is going to be a massive launch because One Hand Clapping is releasing on literally every platform (PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Epic Games, GOG Games, the App Store, Google Play, and Galaxy Store) all at the same time. It sounds like a mammoth task, but Bad Dream Games is all set to give all its fans – regardless of platform – an early Christmas.

This game is not your average puzzler. It has an extremely unique concept. You must solve puzzles by singing and humming into your microphone! It sounds so cool! One Hand Clapping is set in a gorgeous and colourful world featuring a plethora of puzzles that need to be solved using melody, rhythm, and harmony. It is up to the player to decide to solve puzzles using singing, whistling, jamming, or even instruments! The game will feature accessibility settings so that everyone can enjoy and get uplifted by its beauty. … [MORE]

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