Nobody Saves the World Demo Listed on Microsoft Store

The Game Awards Festival has been a yearly tradition by this point and is all but confirmed to be returning this year. This is because several demos have already leaked via the Microsoft Store, including DrinkBox Studios’ action RPG Nobody Saves the World. It apparently goes live on December 3rd, which is when the festival could begin.

The listing doesn’t offer any other significant details, aside from 1 GB RAM being the minimum required while 2 GB is recommended (2 GB of VRAM and DirectX 11 are needed in both cases). As a procedurally generated dungeon crawler, Nobody Saves the World sees the player beginning as Nobody and assuming different forms to fight back against The Calamity.

As players complete quests and level up, they can unlock new forms and abilities along with mixing and matching skills together. This leads to some pretty cool synergies in co-op, as the latest gameplay trailer has showcased. Nobody Saves the World releases in early 2022, and is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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