No Man’s Sky Delayed to October 7th for Nintendo Switch

Previously announced for release this Summer, No Man’s Sky by Hello Games has been delayed for Nintendo Switch. It’s now launching on October 7th. A new trailer is live, providing a better look at all of the features that Switch players can look forward to at launch.

No Man’s Sky is a space sandbox exploration title where every planet, life-form, event, landmark and much more is procedurally generated. Despite a rough launch in 2016, it’s received tons of free updates. These include visual improvements to new activities like derelict spaceships, Exo Mechs, new story content, online co-op, base building, underwater exploration, companions, and even space piracy.

All of this features (and potentially more) will be available in the Switch version at launch. Stay tuned for more details on other features and gameplay in the coming months. No Man’s Sky is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC. It’s also coming to PlayStation VR2.

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