Nightdive Studios Will Have “Something New to Share” at the PC Gaming Show

With the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase and the PC Gaming Show both happening later today, there’s obviously going to be plenty of major reveals and announcements to talk about before the day is out, and sure enough, speculation and leaks for both shows are running rampant. Amidst that, some teases are also filtering through via official channels, and we have one of those here for the PC Gaming Show.

Remaster specialist Nightdive Studios will have something to show at the PC Gaming Show, it seems. The developer recently took to Twitter and asked fans to tune in, saying it’ll have “something new to share” at the event. Whether that means it’ll be an update on a previously-announced title or a reveal of an entirely new one remains to be seen.

There’s a solid chance, of course, that they end up providing an update for the long-in-development System Shock remake. The game is due out sometime this year and is supposedly in the final stages of development, so hopefully a release date will be announced soon.

Meanwhile, Nightdive is currently also working on a couple of remasters of classic titles in SiN Reloaded, System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition, and Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, so there’s that to keep in mind as well.

Either way, we’ll know soon enough, so stay tuned for more updates.

Better tune into the #PCGamingShow tomorrow, we have something new to share!

— Nightdive Studios (@NightdiveStudio) June 11, 2022

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