NieR: Automata’s Switch File Size is Nearly 11 GB

It’s been long overdue, but at least it’s finally happening. NieR: Automataone of the most highly acclaimed RPGs of its generation, has been heavily demanded by the Nintendo Switch’s ever-expanding player base for pretty much as long as the game and the system have been around, and as was recently announced, later this year, it will finally be making its way to the hybrid platform. Ahead of that launch, new details on the port continue to come to light.

For instance, courtesy of NieR: Automata’s Switch eShop page, we know that it will require 10.9 GB of storage space on your system (or your system’s memory card, if you’re using one, of course). That’s not small by Nintendo Switch standards, but it is by any other metric, especially when you consider the fact that on PC and other consoles, the game’s file size is almost 50 GB.

NieR: Automata will launch for the Switch on October 6. Its resolution and frame rate targets were also recently revealed- read more on that through here.

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