Naraka: Bladepoint is Now Available on Xbox Series X/S

Chinese developer 24 Entertainment’s Naraka: Bladepoint launched for PC last year, and in the time since then, it has gathered a sizeable player base, thanks not only to its regular updates, but also the fact that it offers something blessedly unique in the battle royale space, which is incredibly crowded, to say the very least.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the game would be launching soon for Xbox as well, and that’s now happened. Naraka: Bladepoint is now available on Xbox Series X/S, and is also available straight away via Xbox Game Pass. And yes, it supports cross-play across both versions. Check out its Xbox launch trailer below.

A new campaign mode is also in the works for the game, though there’s no word yet on when that will launch. Last year, a PS5 version of the game was also confirmed to be in development, but there’s no word on its release date just yet.

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