KartRider Rush+ hosts collaboration with the world-famous Formula E racing league

Nexon-published mobile racing game KartRider Rush+ announced a brand new collaboration with the renowned electric car racing circuit ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, or Formula E for short, today. With this collaboration comes a wave of content that includes the likes of a brand new kart to purchase, cosmetic items, and three new tracks to race upon as well. First, let’s go over all these additions. The new cart titled the GEN 2 is a speed race kart that players will be able to buy until Thursday, September 1st. This cart is modelled after the Formula E real-world cars, and attempts to emulate the same sort of style as well as actual mechanics as its real-world counterpart. On top of this, players can collect Formula E shards during the extent of this event and use those to purchase the Formula E Plate, a permanent cosmetic, as well as Formula E Balloons. You’ll earn these shards by racing on those three new WKC Tracks, which will be open until Friday, August 19th. … [MORE]

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