Grid Legends doubles down on motorsport’s Netflix factor

Motorsport is drama. It’s inherent within the sport’s DNA, and sort of inevitable when you get a bunch of highly charged people in charge of millions of pounds worth of precision-engineered equipment and let them have at each other. And so you get rivalries, tensions and sometimes just straight-up dastardly behaviour like we saw last night in Jeddah, and it’s no wonder F1’s recently expanded success comes off the back of Netflix series Drive to Survive – a show that puts that drama front and centre.

It’s the show that has helped F1 finally break the US – pre-sale tickets to next year’s Miami event sold out in 40 minutes, even though the cheapest on offer was some £500 – so it’s no surprise it’s an approach Codemasters is hoping will help push its Grid series in front of a wider audience. With FMV interludes and a fresh emphasis on the rivalries and tensions that have been in the series ever since its TOCA days, Grid Legends is all about the drama.

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