Forspoken Receives New Cutscene With Frey and the Archivist

Luminous Productions’ Forspoken received some new footage during Netflix’s GEEKED WEEK but it’s not new gameplay per se. Instead, we see protagonist Frey Holland interacting with the Archivist. Check it out below.

Frey is essentially seeking a way into Tanta Sila’s castle to ultimately defeat. The Archivist, formerly a blacksmith, knew Sila and forged weapons for her (which only made the sting of betrayal when Sila was corrupted that much worse). During this conversation, we hear a bit from Cuff and witness Frey’s general outlook on the whole situation – that she doesn’t consider herself a hero and is having second thoughts about fighting Sila.

As such, the Archivist provides a map of Sila’s castle and it seems the player can learn more about all of the Tantas from the archive. Despite being development footage that’s subject to change, the presentation, voice acting and visuals are all on point. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more en route to Forspoken’s release on October 11th for PS5 and PC.

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