Crypt of the NecroDancer Receives First New PC Update in Nearly 5 Years, Adds New Level Editor

Out of nowhere, Brace Yourself Games has released a new update for its hit rogue-lite rhythm dungeon-crawler Crypt of the NecroDancer. It’s been 1,721 days since the last update and the developer notes this to be a “precursor to something bigger coming your way.”

Update V.3.0.0 is still hefty, adding new features like No Beat Mode that allow for every character to control like the Bard. Players can save and quit at any time while load times have been “greatly reduced.” Steam Deck support has also been added with improved controller support. Co-op also sees some improvements with dynamic view scaling for local co-op sessions, independent per-player beatmaps and more.

Arguably the biggest new addition is the new level editor. It provides various tools for placing tiles and objects, selecting and moving entire sections, and much, much more. You can also modify boss levels from custom dungeons in the editor after they’ve been generated and reroll freshly generated levels with a different seed while keeping the same settings.

For more details, check out some of the patch notes below. Update V.3.0.0 is currently available for PC but should be released for other platforms soon. Stay tuned in the meantime.

List of New Features in v3.0.0


Fixed a big that granted achievements for No Beat Mode (sorry)

No Beat Mode

Added No Beat mode, enabling Bard-like gameplay for any character. Yes, even Aria for anyone who would like to experience the game’s story in an easier way!

Save and Quit Anytime

Added a Save and Quit feature to allow exiting the game and resuming the session later.The session is also automatically saved when closing the game window.Suspended and resumed runs can be submitted to the Deathless, Story and All-Characters leaderboards.

Greatly Reduced Load Times

Greatly reduced loading time when starting the game by streaming more resources on demand.

Updated Controller and Steam Deck Support

Added improved controller support via Steam Input, with gamepad-specific button symbols and Steam Deck support.

Controls and Input Improvements

Added various improvements to the controls and input system.Added the ability to assign multiple keys or buttons to the same action.Added support for custom multi-key combos for any in-game action.Most menu controls can now be customized.Mouse buttons can now be assigned to in-game actions.Added a menu for quickly switching between keyboard/controller schemes for co-op players.

Custom Music Overhaul

Added an overhauled custom music system with the ability to save multiple playlists and switch between them.Audio files in the MP3, OGG and FLAC formats are supported.Beat detection is performed in the background, allowing more songs to be selected in the meantime.Special tracks (story bosses, training, tutorial) can also be customized.Imported songs and their beatmaps can be previewed directly in the Custom Music menu.On Linux, a native file chooser dialog is now used in place of the in-game selection menu.

New and Improved Co-op

Added dynamic view scaling for local co-op sessions when players move away from each other.Added independent per-player beatmaps in co-op mode: play any combination of Cadence, Bolt and Bard!Each player tracks their own rhythm: the presence of a Bard or Bolt does not transfer their effects to all players.Adjusted the behavior of all enemies to follow the rhythm of the nearest player.

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