Company of Heroes 3’s New Dev Diary Talks About Destruction

Developer Relic has released a new developer diary for upcoming RTS Company of Heroes 3 where the studio talks about the new destruction system in the game.

According to Relic, players will now be able to topple over bell towers, shatter buildings, and generally change the landscape of the war on a larger scale than previous Company of Heroes games.

The destruction is going to be more than just visual, however, as falling debris and collapsing buildings can hurt soldiers standing nearby. This essentially opens up new tactics for potential battles in the game.

“I have a feeling there will be many people who will end up playing, and they will press tactical pause just to turn the screen a little bit to take advantage of seeing all the destruction and all of its glory in that one frame,” says Relic’s principle technical artist Jason Brackman.

Back in April, Relic had released an earlier developer diary where it talked about the game’s art and authenticity, right down to the detail of having realistic effects for dirt.

Company of Heroes 3 doesn’t have a release date yet, but it is scheduled for release in late 2022. Learn more about the game’s environmental variety here, and the new campaign here.

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