Buy Razer’s Wolverine V2 controller for just £60 this Black Friday weekend!

The Xbox ecosystem is one that welcomes a range of third-party controllers and accessories. Fortunately for us, that includes Razer. This Black Friday weekend sees their excellent Wolverine V2 controller down to just £60 over at Amazon, and it works great both on console and PC.

Its muted design hides some excellent features that are above and beyond the standard Xbox controller sold today. Razer created it for comfort and lengthy play sessions thanks to the ergonomic design and non-slip rubber grips. Also, it features additional multifunction buttons, each resting near the triggers for quick access to your character’s inventory or other game options. Because that’s the thing: the Razer app on Windows lets you customise it as you wish. There’s also an additional button at the front beneath the quick share option available on most Xbox controllers.

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