Action Horror Game The Chant Receives New Story Trailer

A little over a year ago, developer Brass Token – comprised of industry vets formerly from EA, The Coalition, Rockstar, and more – and publisher Prime Matter announced The Chant, a psychedelic horror action-adventure game, and though we haven’t seen an awful lot of it until now, what we have seen has certainly bee intriguing. Now, a new trailer has been released, this time focusing on the game’s story.

The Chant takes players to a spiritual retreat on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, where you’ve essentially been invited by a cult. As is usually the case with cults though, things quickly go wrong, and a ritual ends up opening a dimension of cosmic terror called the Gloom. With the island now teeming with terrifying interdimensional monstrosities and the humans around you quickly beginning to go insane and lose their grip on reality, you have to find new ways to survive. Check out the trailer below to learn more.

The Chant is out this Fall for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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