15 Video Game Remakes/Remasters of 2022 And Beyond

Remakes and remasters have become an important part of the games industry as of late. Remakes and remasters are also great ways to test the waters for bringing back dormant franchises. 2022 and beyond is looking to be a great time for fans of remakes and remasters, and here we will be looking at a few such examples:

Max Payne 1 and 2 Remakes

Announced very recently as a collaborative effort between original developer Remedy Entertainment and publisher Rockstar Games, the Finnish developer is working on full-fledged remakes of the first two Max Payne games using its in-house Northlight Engine. Given the massive popularity of this IP, it seems fair to say that expectations and anticipation for the two games are very high. The two remakes are still in the early stages of development, and fans will have to wait a bit before they get a chance to play them in all of their high-fidelity glory.

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